Hi! I'm Ty White.

I work with startups on:

Product, UX, and Culture

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I work with, for, and on startups (including possibly yours!).

I created & managed At The Door at Eventbrite, the world's first mobile Box Office app (Unlocked >100% additional market opportunity for the company; Crunchie Finalist for iPad App Of The Year).

I studied under Kevin Hartz (Founder of Eventbrite & Xoom; Investor in PayPal, Airbnb, Pinterest, & many more) and Ian Rogers (Head of Beats Music & iTunes Radio), amongst others. I've held a role on every team in a company, from janitor to CEO, and taken on cultural leadership beyond the call of duty.

I can help you with Product, User Experience, Culture, and a little bit of Code.

I can work with you to figure out the best sort of engagement: from a short talk to a several-month project. Just email me. My favorite work is helping a young organization get some footing, product-wise. I love being a "Get to MVP" coach & participant. My second favorite work is talking about company culture and how Eventbrite got to be one of the very best places to work in tech.

I'm currently based in Milwaukee, but spend one week a month in SF, and am generally geographically flexible.

My current availability is Moderate (~60% time available).


Pepperland Labs

CEO / Everything Man

Conceived of, designed, and built a mix of mobile apps, web sites, and content sites in exploration of new experiences around web video content. The most successful app, Couch, allowed patrons at bars (or in homes) to queue up YouTube videos from their phones (no app required) and watch on a shared screen.

2010 - 2013


Product Manager

Conceived of, designed, and managed At The Door, the world's first mobile box office app, including hardware integrations (credit card reader & printer). Additionally managed other mobile and analytics products. Championed open, honest, & fun culture through Brite Camp (Britelings teaching Britelings about anything in 1 hr workshops), Hackathons, and numerous other activities.

2008 - 2010


Artist Services Manager (& so much more)

Helped artists of all sizes (baby bands to Eminem, Paul McCartney, & Weezer) devise and execute Direct To Fan campaigns and grow their directly marketable fan bases. Provided detailed product pricing & margin analysis, yielding average 86% lift in average sale revenue for artists. Started as a janitor, wound up on every team, including managing the outside sales team and providing monthly & quarterly forecasting for executive team. Additionally started and led the active Topspin Green Room community of over 700 clients & potential clients, dedicated to sharing data from DTF campaigns.

2003 - 2007

Davidson College

Bachelor of Arts

Studied English. Played Division I Golf. Built & edited the school newspaper website. Hosted a radio show. Did all sorts of other college stuff.




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