Amazepack was a company that offered new all-inclusive kits for crafty DIY projects each month, available via subscription or individual boxes.

My girlfiend decided to start Amazepack when she was between jobs and not sure what she wanted to do next. I helped her bring the idea to life by designing and building the Amazepack website. The goal was a playful, yet clear and concise site that appealed to DIY aesthetics and looked great on any device.

I created a logo (and many other assets) in Photoshop, used Bootstrap as the backbone of the site (though wound up deleting 80% of the Bootstrap code), and implemented Stripe to handle transactions.

While the company was successful and beloved by its customers, it came with minimal margins and logistical nightmares. Amazepack shut down a year after it launch, but you can still view a copy of the site.

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